Nexus Health Care

Why the Solution is Nexus


There are currently 340 million diabetics globally and rising.

But over 90% do not comply with their physician-prescribed Diabetic Care plan, resulting in poor patient outcomes and loss of limbs and even lives. More than 5.3 million die every year, or equivalent to the population of Singapore perishing annually due to diabetes. For the healthcare provider, private or publically-funded, non-compliance will only lead to increased patient re-admission rates from poor adherence to care plans.

With a rapidly Aging Population added, taxpayers or private insurers will face quantum leaps in healthcare cost. This leads to the unsustainability of healthcare systems, whether private or public.

Nexus Healthcare is a pioneering remote tele-health diabetic care platform that is designed to increase the patient’s likehood of sticking to their care plan, through its personalised behaviour modification engine using IPTV.  In this way, patient outcomes are improved, thus saving lives.

Nexus Healthcare's unqie platform will not only help patients improve their lives but also healthcare systems to maxmise outcomes, improve processes and reduce costs, whilst providing new revenue streams through our enhanced healthcare virtual tele-platform. Healthcare providers can leverage their services and resources thanks to a platform that allows them more rapid and easier access to their patients. 

We are currently conducting beta test trials in Singapore and will complete them by July 2014.