Nexus Health Care

What we do to impact lives

Chronic diseases are essentially lifestyle diseases, or in reality, ‘poor choices of lifestyle’ diseases. Depending on their severity, they can be reversible and/or at least manageable, often not necessarily through drugs or surgery but through better, healthier lifestyle choices.

Nexus Healthcare’s research is conducted by the Singapore Centre of Aging Studies (CAS), and has revealed that making ‘better, healthy choices’ is a very complex task. The vast majority of those suffering from diabetes in our indicative research group were not following their Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP).

To turn this around, Nexus Healthcare has developed behaviour modification models and techniques, based on behaviour modification principles and embedded them into our Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) platform, which was initially designed for the elderly – an age group who are still not entirely comfortable with a smartphone or a Personal Computer (PC) - but later down-stream to younger age groups via modern devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Among the key components of effective patient healthcare are communication and decision-making. The Nexus platform facilitates real-time end-to-end patient-doctor information flow and virtual technologies for pro-active self-care, as well as healthcare provider response and decision-making without the patient ever leaving the comfort of home, utlising existing technology which is familiar and easy-to-understand.


Translating Psychology into Software

Our basic premise is to virtualise the clinician’s Diabetes Care Programme, enabling scalability and patient personalisation through Nexus Healthcare’s platform and behaviour modification technologies. In other words, we bring your family doctor and/or nurse into your living room. The Nexus Platform:

  • Improves provider availability as well as psychological security for the patient
  • Allows more rapid provider response
  • Lowers overall costs
  • Provides immunity to technological changes
  • Minimises technology and capital expenditures
  • Easy and faster healthcare plan deployments, changes and updates


The goal is to improve the diabetic patient’s outcome, save costs and ultimately lives. Nexus Healthcare understands from our own research that a high level of communication with personalised behaviour modification pathways are required to stem this tide of chronic disease patients.

Medical infrastructure is constantly under pressure from budget and manpower constraints, and in some cases, difficulties in physically reaching patients' locations. A virtual low-cost low-tech solution that can be deployed into the homes of each patient is the answer.

Based on our evidence, it can be concluded that there are several types of non-compliant patients sub-divided by their levels of understanding and compliance capability. Our behaviour modification pathways are designed to include these types and others in the future if needed. This is our foundation and our platform for impacting lives.