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Tele-Platform Powered by
Behaviour Modification

Technology to help patients live longer and better

Nexus Health Care

The primary objectives Nexus Healthcare’s platform are:

  • Patient-centric care
  • Patient Empowerment
  • Patient Self-Management

In order to achieve those objectives, we have developed a Diabetic Care platform that uses our Behaviour Modification engine to improve patient care compliance through education, motivation and management of the patients in the following areas:


We Help Educate

A key foundation to improved compliance is to provide the elderly patient the ability and tools in a seemingly low-tech non-threatening package. User-friendly is the key term in the design of the Nexus Healthcare platform platform.

Knowledge is a critical tool and managing the source of correct information is vital. Our research has shown that elderly patients spreading unsubstantiated information is not only common but very damaging. This is often the result of patients being unable to reach their healthcare providers for advice.

Our technology narrows down the sources of information to only approved qualified and trusted ones, e.g. from the clinicians themselves or a Preventative Healthcare authority. It also enables patients to access those sources much more easily, and if their primary healthcare provider is unavailable, secondary personnel can be communicated with.

However scaling up and sending teams of educational nurses or doctors are not expensive nor impossible to scale in view of the Silver Tsunami (aging population explosion). By teaching e-learning to the non-techie elderly, Nexus Healthcare is an enabler of scaling.

We Help Motivate

In our behaviour modification design, we know that many elderly live alone and may not have a substantial support system to keep them motivated. We escalate our motivation levels with the patients through intelligent automated systems that track their moods to ensure that it is not a hurdle to their adherence of their diabetes care programme, whilst communicating with the patient if the system monitor reaches a ‘concerned’ level.

The issue of compliance is a major factor for the sustainability of healthcare systems too. We foresee the incentivisation or dis-incentivisation for patients as a tool for Governments or private healthcare insurers as a major way forward towards long-term sustainability.

We Help Manage

Our research have indicated that with their busy schedules or in their denial phase, patients find coping with diabetes and managing their family lives a major burden. Pre-set care plans agreed by clinicians and their patients are produced at the beginning and then sent out via the Nexus Healthcare platform for managing the dreaded disease.

From e-learning schedules to reminders to taking their medication to meals to even their vital signs recording, the platform performs all these and more discreetly and with the highest patient home penetration of all technologies available.